Artist Statement and Biography

Painting Style, Philosophy, & Influences

I think I’m an outsider. I have been painting for 10 years after a 40 year break after studying painting at the University. Influences have been Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud, Fritz Scholder, Wayne Gonske and Quang Ho – bold; figurative painters who get paint on their shoes, who are not afraid of color, who see purple, orange green and raspberry in the skin on your cheek – and see different perspectives on objects and people in every day life. My philosophy is to capture the essence of something rather than the specifics of structure and texture, the subtleties and nuances of color, rather that what is perceived at a glance, the emotion and passion of the moment rather than the facts or information’s about the subject matter. I am an artist, but have done very little about it, except to collect art and follow the development of artists that I admire. I finally decided to plunge in and “just paint it”, get paint on my shoes, paint what I see with my heart, regardless of how it measures up to those who have influenced me. I love the process, the painting of paintings regardless of the outcome and I enjoy the discovery. I have had four successful one man art shows during the past six years.


Arensmeiers’ roots are in small towns of Oregon in the Willamette Valley; mainly Roseburg, Melrose. He has lived in Portland, Oregon, New York, New York, Rochester, Newark, New Jersey, San Francisco, California, and in Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado.


  • Taylor University – Upland, Indiana
    • General Studies
  • University of Oregon – Eugene, Oregon
  • College of Arts and Sciences
    • Drawing and Painting
    • Liberal Studies
  • Portland State University – Portland, Oregon
    • Marketing
  • Museum Art School – Portland, Oregon
    • Sculpture
    • Two Dimensional Design
  • Colorado State University – Fort Collins, Colorado
    • Drawing, Painting
  • Art Students League of Denver – Denver, Colorado
    • Print Making
    • Quang Ho
    • Professional Studies
    • Dale Chisman
    • Abstract Painting