About the Artist

Dan Arensmeier had intended a fine art career when he graduated from the University of Oregon, but making a living as a successful advertising career got in the way. Only under 20 years ago had he returned to his old love of painting. Decades after graduating, he had to rediscover his own voice; and he has done that with a resounding roar.

Arensmeier paints massive – not only in the size of his work, but also in thematic content. His paintings explore the significance of what others may see as pointedly unremarkable. He paints virtually everything he sees. Although his paintings usually begin with objective references, they always are completed in the fashion of abstract expressionism; some more abstract than others.

The one constant in Arensmeier’s work is color. He uses brilliant, often pure color. His work has been termed “Fauvist” – a description he would not deny. Indeed, some of the paintings depict the “wild beast” in him, some have darker and more ominous tone, but others are gentler and often whimsical.

Arensmeier craves diversity and originality in his work as well as his life. Although oil is his most frequent media, he also works in virtually every artistic medium, including monoprints and sculpture. He has even designed the paint schemes for the airplanes of Nature Air in Costa Rica.

Arensmeier paints every day in the loft of a beautiful carriage house in Denver, which also serves as his gallery. His paintings tend to be large, though he also paints smaller pieces. His work ranges in price from under $500 for smaller pieces to over $10,000 for larger paintings and commissions.


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